Friday, January 13, 2012

And here we have a Blogosaurus...

Oh boy, oh boy! It's already been a week since I last posted and that seems incredible to me. I was on a blog-heavy-kick for a bit there and now I've lulled myself to a groggy-bloggy-state. This week wasn't even that crazy chock-full of stuff, I guess I just got lost in work and the other blog. 

It's crossed my mind on more than one occasion that I should merge my blogs. I've contemplated it because it can be a bit of work to write for two outlets instead of one. Some of you may read both blogs, in which case, it may seem like I write too much and you don't really want to know what I did last weekend, for the fifth time! Still, I feel like they're too different to fuse and the whole would be less than the sum of parts. 

To explain myself a bit:

I started this blog because I love to write things down. I've journaled since forever ago, I make lists about lists, I wrote for the Youth In Government newspaper, for my high school newspaper and was the Key Club publicist (meaning I created newsletters and the organization's scrapbook) when I was in Senior High. (Come to think of it, I was also on the yearbook staff for many years, which explains my love for photo collages...) [Overachiever, ugh]

I decided to start my other blog for a few reasons. I love to piece things together. (See paragraph above). At first, I thought I would start with outfits which I learned late in life were not "owfits." I love dressing up and expressing creativity in what I wear. Since I don't find a ton of time to photograph said outfits, I find other things that relate that I love. Writing about it all helps me expand my style horizons and hopefully inspire someone, somewhere, to do the same. Besides that, I always found myself emailing and texting my friends with songs and bands they had to hear. And when I was on the receiving end of that "Omigoshyouwon'tbelieveyourears" kind of message, I was more than happy to have found something new. Concerts are my lifeblood. I've been to over 100 and you might think I'm crazy, and I am. Crazy in love. Harharhar. But seriously, my life would be much less fulfilling without music. (And live shows are usually amazing!)

So for now, I gotta keep 'em separated. Here I would like to continue to write about crafting, tv shows and movies, being social, expressing gratitude and finding little bits of happy in everything. I also want to take on heftier issues like living and dying, helping people in need, why we do the things we do, racism and intolerance and all of those things that could be considered sort of dark, depending on your vantage point.

So I guess this post is the answer to the question in my head, "why do you spend all that time blogging?" I'm just documenting my journey of self-creation. I believe that we're never finished creating ourselves. Our lives are this enormous, ever-changing canvas that we keep adding strokes or splashes or buckets of paint to. Each of these blogs and posts and moments in time? The colors on my palette. 

And now, the weekend...

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