Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eloquence of Days Past

Do you ever wish you lived in a different era? 

Sometimes I wish for a time when things were not as technologically-driven, material-obsessed, or Kesha- or LMFAO-centric. Oftentimes, I wish written and spoken word were carefully eloquent. I wish that musicians didn't title their songs with shortened versions of pronouns or numbers. I wish we didn't have such foul, abbreviated mouths. (Myself included!)

I saw a Summit Brewing Co. billboard the other day that read, "Is eloquence, like, totally lost or whatever?" 

It may be. When I was at my Grandma's 90th birthday party in Iowa, several guests introduced themselves and shared memories. Two lines that stood out to me were: "We were great bosom buddies" and "I was just tickled."

Translate that to today's terms and it would sound more like:
"She's my BFF" and "It was schmawesome."

Maybe I should start speaking with more thought. I'll chew on it.


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