Monday, July 11, 2011

"Music is what feelings sound like."

Music has a way of soothing souls and catering to any emotion. Today I am listening to particularly uplifting music that is only making me happy.

Today’s tracks:
One Day – Matisyahu (My newest obsession)
Wavin’ Flag – K’Naan (Not K'Naan, but inspirational)
Anything’s Possible – Jonny Lang (No official video available?)

What songs lift you up? 

[Excerpt from One Day]
All my life I been waitin' for
I been prayin' for, for the people to say
That we don't want to fight no more
They'll be no more wars
And our children will play, one day...


  1. Well mine aren't uplifting like THAT. Mine are personal ones. Such as

    Mariah Carey "Can't Take That Away"
    Tupac "Keep Ya Head Up"
    Tupac "Changes"
    Whitney and Mariah " When You Believe"

    And my personal favorite:

    Christina Aguilera - "Keep Singing My Song"

  2. Funny timing, I was thinking of this today as well. This morning on my way to work the kooky quirkiness of Devendra Banhart was making me quite happy. "Long Haired Child," "I Feel Just Like a Child," "Seahorse," "Chinese Children..." all so good.

    To me it's a very comforting concept that life is short and I am small and insignificant, so I also like songs that remind me of this, like The Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize???" and "My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion" or Polyphonic Spree's Section 31 (Overblow Your Nest).

  3. Oh, and most Cloud Cult songs fit into that last category as well.

  4. Every song on Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane, Over The Sea" makes me happy inside. OK, now you've got me thinking. I need to make a list.

  5. Now I want to make another list. And obviously listen to all of those songs that make you guys happy too!


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