Sunday, August 14, 2011

You are Possible.

Every time a friend's blog starts, Jennifer's heart sings.

I have an overwhelming sense of happiness when I hear that one of my friends has entered the blogosphere. Sometimes, I literally jump up and down. I know I'm still a rookie, but it's awesome to hear that I have played even a little role in someone else's adventure. What's even more excellent is when a friend tells me I inspired her to start a blog, and then her friend is inspired by her to start a blog, and then and then and then.

As you may know, I have a special spot in my heart for writing. Writing is its own therapy and allows us to articulate whatever emotion or thought is bubbling inside us. It's amazing how far back it dates (someone look this up for me) and how it preserves thoughts, events, and feelings. (I don't like the mushy connotation that the word "feelings" has). Writing is a spectacular form of communication, like I gushed about here, and it's pretty amazing that humans developed it in the first place. Don't even get me started on language itself.

Back to the part about my friends being awesome-I assume that since you're blogging, you're okay with it being publicized. So here you/they are in birth order:   

If you are living life to the fullest and enjoying every little bit: then you should Know I Lived.
If you appreciate life and want to cook delicious meals: plan a trip to Spicyland.
If your thoughts are on design and style, inside and out: mind your head and Pear of Hearts.
If you wonder how it's possible to leave your career for your passion: you ought to be Stumbling Towards Bakery.
If you like philosophy and making your life happier: close your eyes and Imagine Rappy Happy.

One last tidbit before I get off the internet for crying out loud: 
My heart is so full, it just may burst. We. Are. All. Possible.


  1. Oh my goodness, you completely stole the words I wish I knew I wanted to say! You and I have had plenty of "weird of the day" conversations, but language and writing have always been at the top of my list of things that amaze me.

    And because you knew I would:

    BBC says writing dates back 5500 years.

  2. You are responsible for bringing back the blog, at least for me! You made it cool again.

    Also, what birth order is that?

  3. This is crazy. I'm going to have to go back to using an RSS reader to keep track of all of you again.

    I blogged on for about three years and sort of lost focus... Then lost my mojo totally until the travel one I kept this year. I'd love to write... But I don't know what topic I'd write about consistently. You guys are all nailing it with these themed blogs. Way to go!

  4. Nice article, Ash!
    Birth of blog order. Not birth of author. :)
    Obviously we should all visit

  5. Oh, you made my heart BURST with this! I'm sitting at my desk with what is probably the dopiest grin and daze-y stare off to writing never-neverland.

    THANK YOU for the reminder of how powerful writing can be, the links to others' writing projects, and the inspiration. It shoots me to the moon!


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