Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gee golly shucks, it's cold.

I think you know the whole go-to-work-when-it's-dark and leave-work-when-it's-dark situation. (If you don't I loathe envy you). Since I work in a cube that is far away from any sort of window and the windows we have are tinted, I make it a point to go outside for at least one of my breaks. And when I do, it's kind of cold. And then I'm like "Aw, gee golly shucks, it's cold, why did I leave my den?" So it's getting cold but I think that Minnesota is having a fairly-mild November given our history, so that's kind of nice too. And the other thing I think is that having four seasons and harsh winters and brutal summers makes for a tough, well-rounded person. Or at least one who knows how to complain. Harhar.

That's all.

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