Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awake and Bake

I never meant to bake anything. I promise. But with my looming adventures up North, I had to make something to bring along. And if I was going to take time to actually make something, well then it better dang well be pretty. So naturally, I looked to my friend Jessica's blog, Life's Simple Measures, for inspiration and guidance.

So then I did this:

{Recipe here}

And then I made this:

{Recipe here}

I had leftover candy melts, so then I made this:

Now I not only have goodies to take with me up North, but also to give to the girls I am seeing at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party tomorrow, and to my lovely sisters, and to my coworkers. Oopsies. In all seriousness, I have never really had an affinity for cooking or baking or anything in the kitchen unless it included crafting at the kitchen table. This round of "baking" was kind of amazing. I looked at the recipes, I shopped for the items I didn't have, I timed the preparations correctly without even trying that hard, and I yielded plenty. AND I was able to craft them. 

All the while, I had conversations with my parents and actually had a lot of fun. I hope this doesn't become a hobby of mine, however, because I spent a lot of time doing this, and maybe I stayed up till the very wee hours of the morning and maybe that hinders the rest of my Thursday. We'll see.


  1. What beautiful treats you made! You're an arrrteeest!

  2. YUMMMMMMMMMM! They're so pretty! good job!

  3. Jenn, I absolutely love your blog and Im so excited to see that you made a couple of my recipes! Your stuff looks so pretty, you did a great job! But how the heck did you get your pictures like that? I need photography lessons, I know nothing :)

    Glad to be your newest follower!

  4. Thanks Jess, I love YOUR blog (obviously)! As for the photos, the process consisted of an iPhone and PowerPoint...nothing too fancy, hehe.


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