Thursday, December 29, 2011

End of the Year Recap Part 3

Did you miss me? Well, itt HAS been two days...harhar. So we're onto summer, part 3 of 4 of the 2011 recap. MN had an extremely junglesque (I made that up) summer that was almost unbearable. Luckily, I had AC and a chance to escape to Chicago. Nope, Chicago was scorching hot too!

July: I had another HK reunion - this time with the lovely Eva, hailing from Austria. We met in Chicago to shop, eat, drink, sightsee, bike ride along Lake Michigan, meet an Irish boy (not for me!), and meet up again with Rahul and Jake at a sushi place, my first B-Y-O-B restaurant experience! I also signed up to be a monthly contributor to the Human Rights Campaign while I was in Chicago. At the end of the month, I powered through a crazy streak of Torchlight 5k, Twins game, Christmas in July, Tour de Fat, Trampled by Turtles and Warrior Dash, all in five consecutive days.

August: LOLLAPALOOZA! Yeeeeaaaaboyyy, it was epic. I got to see a bajillion bands I liked, hang out with a bff, boyfran, and some other friends. I also got to hang out in Chicago and see Jake again. (No Rahul meet up this time, and David had moved away by then). Then there was Kat’s bachelorette party that began with wine tasting and ended with…headaches. Obviously. After a long battle of "Should I? Shouldn't I?" I started Treble and Lace. I'm unsure of where it's headed, but I love posting so that's all.

September: The month started out with a fun day at the fair over the long Labor Day weekend. Then, my beautiful Katrina got married and I was a bridesmaid! It was fun helping her plan some details of her wedding and crafting paper stuffs for the reception. The wedding itself was a blast; I partied with my college friends, my high school friends, and my family. This was definitely a year of weddings. (I attended four, had to decline on a few, and was in the bridal party for two!) I'm sure it only intensifies as I get older, however. The next day I met Mason Jennings. (My knees weaken). At the end of the month, I headed up North for a three-day camping trip in the perfectly-crisp fall weather.

So that was fall. However, October is REALLY fall so you have that coming at you very soon. But you probably know what I did anyhow since this blog was already on its little bloggy journey. Oh well. Happy day!

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