Friday, March 16, 2012

A birthday tribute

I keep going through this cycle: work all week hoping to get to a relaxing weekend, fly through the weekend, feel icky on Monday because it’s the week again, work all week hoping to get to a relaxing weekend… I mean it makes sense that everything is a cycle. It just feels so robotic and routine, even when my activities are always changing. So now, we are at the part where I’m excited for the weekend! 

This weekend has an improv comedy show in store, along with spring cleaning, crafting, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and more crafting. 

{Me and the birthday girl, dressed as Christmas presents}

Happy Birthday to Ms. Ashley! 
Ashley is the one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I was lucky enough to meet her my freshman year of college at the U of M in our Bailey Hall dorms. Being in Bailey Hall meant a few things, one of which was that you often stayed in and hung out with your hall mates rather than deal with the stupid connector bus that took you to all the fun in Minneapolis. Soon, Ashley and I found out that we had two lectures and two discussion sections together. So naturally we studied together, then ate meals, exercised, went to concerts, watched tv, and spent every waking moment day together. Since then, we have been best friends and shared many nefarious adventures. We share a love for so many things and I'm lucky to have such a sweet friend who listens to my (and everyone else’s for that matter) ramblings. Happy birthday Ro! May this be the beginning of an even better year for you.

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