Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The weekend, in le nutshell

Hi again. This is supposed to be my post to recap the weekend, but somehow I've already made it halfway between last weekend and next. That time, it sure do fly!

Last weekend was so ridiculously beautiful - I'm sure you are well aware of that. On Friday, I bowled (and did pretty well!) with friends I hadn't seen in over a month. It still baffles me how fast a month can pass by without seeing good friends. Ish. 

Saturday, the boyfrannn and I played basketball and I worked on my shot. Then, it was off to a bridal shower, a shopping spree, and a concert. 

{Sister and nephew}

{Macarons courtesy of Carrie}

Sunday was quite lazy. I headed back to the basketball court but my arms were sore so the attempt was futile. After that, we had lunch at Longfellow Grill (try the mango chicken salad!), and I enjoyed a Boulevard Wheat, which instantly brought me back to last summer when I had lots of Boulevard in Kansas City. It's funny how taste, and especially smell, can bring you back to the good ol' days. I spent the rest of the day with my boyfran at his parents' house. We read the paper, watched tv, took the dog for a walk, and shot a couple of videos for Indeed. 

{Mashed berries on angel food cake}

Then the week happened, but since we're staying positive here,  I won't talk about that. Harhar, just kidding, kind of.

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  1. Hi! Just saw your comment on my blog but I couldn't find your email address. Dirty chais come with a shot of espresso in them!


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