Monday, March 26, 2012

A weekend of celebrations

Hello Monday, hello friends! This week is starting out blustery, rainy and cold. I actually do like rain, but lately it has been coinciding with allergy flare-ups and that makes for a stuffy atmosphere. On the other hand, I wasn’t ready for summer yet, so I’m glad for this change.

Anyway, the weekend weather was glor-i-ous! I spent Friday celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday on a little Northeast Minneapolis pub crawl. Saturday morning was a race to finish some bridal shower bunting with the help of my sister, Nancy.

{I love crafting}

Bridal showers can often be awkward and boring, but I should have known from the beginning that this one would not be like that, as it was hosted by my boyfriend's mother and she is anything but boring. We had delicious food, spiked punch, fun games, and even better company.

{Just one of the decadent desserts}

{Tulips, dice game, prizes}

Afterwards, I headed to a different bride's bachelorette party and had a long dinner at Kikugawa on Main (it was alright), karaoke at Boomtown (way more fun than I expected) and finally, too much embarrassing dancing at Honey Lounge (and consequent facebook barraging).

{Celine Dion at a Norebang place}

{A spiffy cocktail at Honey Lounge}

Sunday was a slow recovery with a trip to see The Hunger Games. I enjoyed the movie, but of course, there are always parts that are left out or skimmed over and you feel like they robbed the book of such great detail. In its defense, it was already 2.5 hours long and if you wanted a 4-hour long movie, then maybe you could have gotten it all. It made me go home and finish the second book and now, as expected, I am severely craving the third and final book. Ahh, the torture! Just so you know, I was purposely avoiding the "finish it in three days" method, because then I would have only had three days of it and not drawn it out as long as I possibly could. I've been told not to rush through it because it will leave you feeling deprived and devastated. Yes, books do this.

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