Friday, June 1, 2012

Portlandia in real life

A little behind, but...

Observations of Portland:
1. It’s divided into four major quadrants and several little neighborhoods, each with their own character.
2. Some of it is sort of sketchy, other parts not so much.
3. There weren’t nearly as many bikes as I had anticipated. I see way more in Minneapolis. Although, they just took back the title of top bicycling city and are being kind of snotty about it.
4. A lot of young people don’t have jobs and hang out on the street, asking for things like “Can you spare your coffee drink? I really like coffee.” (For the record, I had just bought it and wasn’t going to give it to her.)
5. Food carts are everywhere and while they are convenient and inexpensive and very diverse, the quality wasn’t all that great. Think State Fair, every day.
6. It’s the “Brewery Capital of the World” so you’re sure to stumble across 1 or 500 breweries or brewpubs. We stayed to the brewpubs because let’s face it, brewery tours get boring and begin to look alike.
7. Walking from place to place is pretty easy, except when you’re trying to cross the Willamette River. Those bridges aren’t super pedestrian friendly, but you can still get by.


{A thing}

{A homeless community}

{Very weird}

{The doughnut on the right was the size of my head}

{The flowers have made it to Portland!}

{In SE Portland}

{Lucky Labrador Brewing (very pet friendly!)}

{Caught you!}

{Stumptown <3}

{Picnic in the woods}

{I was singing in the amphitheater at the bottom of the steps}

{On a walk}

{Rogue. Bicycle. Green. Portland. I stole it. Don't tell.}

{Cascade Brewing / Lots of sour beer}

{Le beers}

{Mother's Bistro. YUM!}


Forgive me, Carrie, for I have not posted yet about your birthday. But heeeuhhh youuuu gooooo! Anything to extend the celebration out a few days, eh?

Happy birthday to Ms. Carrie!

I met Carrie when I was negative years old. We grew up next door to each other and while I might not have enjoyed her company when I was little (I had issues, okay?), I certainly do now. Carrie is extremely creative, crafty, and talented – definitely a lady of the arts. From her days sewing children’s toys and clothes to her impending days as a pastry chef, she has many crafting abilities under her belt. She invites me to crazy theater productions I probably would never have heard of and is always supporting artists in all forms. Things I like doing with Carrie: going to concerts, playing games, eating baked goods, discussing books, pretending to be in 30 Rock, reminiscing about LOST, and irking her with my puns. It’s birthday, birthday, gotta get crunk on birthday. Hope you enjoyed it! Happy birthday Missus!

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  1. Thanks lady! Your birthday posts are so awesome.


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