Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Weekend!!

Happy Friday! I am so incredibly excited for this weekend!! 

This is why:

Today: I have a half day at work, then it's time for primping and off to Stillwater to my boyfriend's brother's wedding. After the ceremony, we're headed out for dinner and a good time.

Tomorrow: Quick morning recovery from the wedding shenanigans will probably be in order and then I'm off to a 2nd birthday fiesta! Syrup and green grapes for everyone. (This is what my nephew requested for his birthday gifts and by golly, I shall oblige).

Sunday: Easter! I don't really celebrate, but the boyfriend's mother insists I do, and I love it. Pastels? Egg hunt? Chocolate? Brunch? Check, check, check, check!!

I'll be sure to recap here once the weekend is over and I have some photographic proof of what an excellent time I had. Yes, I'm planning for the future, but so what!

Have a great weekend people!! Use some exclamation points!!

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