Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The week, in le nutshell

Okay you guys, now that I've recovered from a jam-packed week, here is my reflection.

Wednesday was my first Twins game of the season and coincidentally the team's first win for the season. I must be a good luck charm! It was odd getting used to the new roster. I'll never get over that about baseball. Players come and go like it ain't no thang.

Thursday I had dinner at Eli’s in Northeast. (Yum!) Afterwards, I headed over to the Ritz Theater with the fashion writer for the Pioneer Press to watch the dress rehearsal of Fashionball, a benefit for Ballet of the Dolls and the Ritz Theater. You can read more about that event here. The Ritz Theater is a small theater tucked in Northeast Minneapolis - a place I’d love to go back to and support.

Friday was homemade pizza and wine (not homemade) at The Dr. and the Missus’ house, then it was off to the worst music venue to grace the state of Minnesota, The Myth. Had there been better drink selection, fewer people, better vantage points and more parking, I would have enjoyed this a little more. The only plus side is at the uber-tall boyfriend could lift me up once in a while to get a peek at the show. The band itself was very energetic and the vocals were great. But atmosphere can do a lot to a situation and a memory.

Saturday was a glorious wedding celebration for a long-time family friend. It started off with a tea ceremony, which led to a church ceremony, which led to a break in the day. Then it was onto dinner, dancing, and debauchery. Let’s just say that a complimentary bottle of Hennessey on each table might have been a miscalculated offering.

 {Going through the motions}

{Family portrait}

{Paper cranes only symbolize good things}

{The ceremony}

{This chicken and owl had a special message in their ceremony: they appreciate their ability to get married and will fight hard to extend those rights to everyone else. They also urge us all to do the same. I love these two.}

{And then the reception happened}

{Chinese decor}

Sunday was a full day of recovery from the previous nights. I had to drag myself out of bed to get to brunch which I talked about on Monday. It’s always worth it once you get yourself to do something, but the energy it takes is enough to deter many. Afterwards, I kept the couch warm for a few hours before trekking out, getting pizza, and going to bed. Worthless, I tell you!

On to the next!

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