Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The weekend, in le nutshell

I told you it was going to be a good weekend! This is how the story went: 

{My boyfriend's brother, Zack, and his new wife Jaemie}

{The two sets of Mr. and Mrs. Will}

{Future Mr. and Mrs.? Cough, ahem}


After brunch with the newlyweds, it was time for Theodore's 2nd birthday party.

{Skeptical Archie}

{Still unsure}

{Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes created by Carrie}

{Dark frosting has its downside}

{Theodore eating green grapes while opening gifts}

Sunday: I went for a long run to start the day off. Then I headed over to the boyfran's family's house where we had a delicious meal and watched the Masters on TV. Yes, I watched golf and enjoyed it. Then the five kids went on a bike ride through Downtown White Bear Lake and along the lake itself. We stopped at various points to play darts and eat pizza and it was so fun! And then, it was Monday. Let's try to spend this week with our heads and hearts up, only to get to another crazy and fun weekend.

{Away they go}

{Pier stop}

{Aww, nerdy}

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  1. SUPER NERDY! Cute pics though, that wedding is cute.

    I HATE YOU , YO GABBA GABBA.there's a party in my tummy, YEAHHHHH!!!! NO!!

    But Carrie did a really good job on them, they look cute.


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