Monday, April 16, 2012

Too much fun [and a birthday tribute]!

Καλημέρα! (Kalimera!) That’s Greek for good morning! I’m greeting you in Greek because yesterday was Greek Easter, a holiday I have probably celebrated as much as I have regular Easter because of my bff Jessica, although I didn’t celebrate yesterday, run-on sentence to the max. Instead, I had brunch with some lovely ladies to celebrate Jessica's birthday! We ate at Pat’s Tap in Minneapolis, which had the right ideas in mind, but had trouble executing them yesterday. (Poor service, okay food, inoperable skee ball machines). I'm mostly in support of it because the name of the establishment is a palindrome.

{Exhibit A of tucker-outage}

The weekend was crazy, as usual, just how I like it, but today I am completely tuckered out and somehow have to muster up energy to see Cults at First Avenue tonight. After tonight, I’m going into hibernation. It’s snowing out, so it’s fitting. I don’t even mind snow right now. I was a little shocked to see it this morning, despite the weather reports warning me about it last night, but it feels a little refreshing. I did feel bad for the worms who made their way out to the pavement, only to freeze to death. Anyway, no photos or energy yet to show you the weekend, so that will have to wait a day or two. Until then, it’s time for a birthday tribute!

Happy birthday to Ms. Jessica!
Oh where, oh where do I even begin? I've known Jessica since we were 9 years old. If you know how ancient I am, then you know this is a long time. We have shared neighborhoods, families, heat wave parties, classes, cooking lessons, heartbreak, success, concerts, vacations, and everything best friends could share. I could not have asked for a better fran to grow up right next door to. Jessica always cares so much for other people, it’s no wonder she’s graduating with a psychology degree and so interested in the human condition. Besides being intelligent and genuinely concerned about the state of the world, she’s fun, hilarious, the best auntie, and kind of a badass. Don’t mess with Jess. Happy birthday Loops, I hope it’s a great one full of good juju for the year to come.

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  1. I <3 you!!!

    I was really happy to be able to spend so many days with you over my birthday. We haven't really been able to celebrate a whole lot together these past couple of years, meant a lot that you came to brunch!! (Even if it was hard to get off the couch, it was for me too :p)


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