Monday, February 13, 2012

Merry Monday

Dear weekend,

I wish I never quit you.


But really. The weekend started off with a girls' night at my friend's house. We drank wine, ate dessert and caught up on life. Then it was back to work for a half day, then on to a huge birthday celebration.

We started out by playing trampoline dodgeball at Sky Zone in Oakdale, MN. Trampoline dodgeball is just how it sounds, awesome. I never enjoyed dodgeball when I was in elementary school but now that I'm grown and every throw and dodge results in some sort of stress injury or pulled muscle, I loved it. After dodging and sweating bullets, we headed to dinner at Pracna on Main (one of my old favorites) and ended the night at Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den (one of my new favorites). I thought the bar would be over-the-top with the Zombie theme, but it was just enough. The lighting, the fabulously-crafted cocktails and the overall ambiance were perfect. I didn’t particularly enjoy the unexpected screening of Garbage Pail Kids, however. At the end of the night, instead of blaring lights and bartenders screaming “Get the eff out!” there was a classy surprise. You will just have to go there and stay until bar close to find out what that is.

On Sunday I got to tour the home of Indeed Brewing Company before it gets renovated. Pretty-effing-cool is my overall assessment. Eating Vietnamese food, making Valentine’s Day cards, catching up on tv shows, and baking with my sister ended my weekend.

And for the birthday part of this post:

Happy birthday to Mr. Micah!
I met Micah basically after he asked my good friend to marry him, 10 years ago. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that a group of us started spending more time together and I realized how much Micah and I had in common – mostly a love for music, grammar and all things punny. Micah (along with his wife Carrie) pushes me to do things I wouldn't normally do like run obstacle course races (Warrior Dash, Muddy Buddy), go to shows of bands I've never heard of, and learn about new Internet things (Evernote, Spotify,, etc.) Micah is a very intelligent, kind, creative* and funny sort of guy. I'm lucky to know him. Happy birthday, Micah!

*He's the one who made the video featured here.

Also, photos are coming but I'm waiting on one more and I can't wait on this post anymore since the day is almost over.

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  1. I appreciate all these kind words you spoke about Donny Dirk's. It is lucky to know you as well.


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