Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An update

It's only February, so why oh why is it already the season finale of Parenthood?! This show is easily my favorite. Mae Whitman, Lauren Graham, Monica Potter, Erika Christensen, are you kiddding meeeeeeeee. They seriously know how to make me cry, like, a lot.

I have this problem where I get obsessed with everything. As in tonight I tweeted @some of those aforementioned people, IMDB'ed the crap out of them, and even watched a Leave it to Beaver clip with Erika Christensen as a 13-year old. I. have. problems. And now I keep replaying scenes from the show in my head. But tomorrow I will have no recollection of these events. The good news is that I discovered Rosa Salazar's blog and it's hilarious. I often write little letters out loud like she does, so now I have my kindred spirit from Parenthood.

In other news, my body has taken ill. I haven't been sick in a while and now I am. Boooooo. So what did I do to fix it? Well, I left work on time, bought myself some soup and medicine and watched tv all night. Panera sells their soup at the grocery store and although it is laden with sodium, it was still tasty.

And that's about as interesting as I get tonight. So there, an update.

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