Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ah, the week has begun. I intended to post yesterday but work got in the way and I had to skip my breaks. So here I am, after a long day of audit torture.

But back to the good stuff, le weekend. Friday was spent at the bowling alley. My back was aching and my finger was crying over a wide papercut, so I didn't feel like bowling. But then I decided to stop being a poor sport (and an old lady) and look, I had fun. We ended up on my sister's couch watching lots of tv shows (how typical).

Saturday started out extremely lazy. Then I went for a 3.8-mile run with my sister along the Mississippi River. And once again, I was lazy and didn’t want to go and had to be dragged out there and was happier for it. Moral of the story is stop being lazy and complaining about everything!?!? Hmf. Saturday continued on and le boyfriend and I went shopping (nothing to show for it) and to dinner at W.A. Frost, which was yummy. Then we hopped from here to there and celebrated another birthday. I swear there is a birthday practically every weekend! I guess it makes sense since there are only 52 weekends in a year and there are many people in this world who have been born...

Anyway, Sunday was breakfast, lazing, hoopin’ it up at the nearby basketball court, dinner, then watching Night at the Museum. I would say this was my most laid-back and lazy weekend yet. It’s a nice change to not know what you’re doing until the day you’re actually doing it. It doesn’t happen that often in my book. And now, let’s try to get through this week, shall we?

How I Shall Survive:
1. Audits. Zero fun but there for a reason. We’ll only be better because of it. (And have to do a crap ton of work but whatever). I gotta think of the big picture here.
2. MSP Fashion Week. That’s right. A low-key, smaller-scale fantastic week of style events and sales. I plan on going to a trunk show and maybe some kind of designer showcase. We’ll see.
3. Concerts. I have a concert to look forward to at the end of the week. Then I have eight more planned for the future…oops!

And lastly:

Happy [Belated] Birthday to Mr. Kevin!
Kevin is my brother-in-law who is ultra-nice and will do a lot of considerate things for people. He livens up my work day by being hilarious. He knows how to make you feel as though you’ve done a great job at anything, even if my cooking does suck. He’s a great guy to my sister, and that’s the number one thing I look for in someone who is married to my sister. Go figure. Happy birthday Schmevin!

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