Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Into the Wild [Round 2]

I'm back from my second round of camping, and the only reason I'm happy to be back is because I desperately needed a shower. The best parts of fall camping are definitely the view (vista) and weather. I was chilly the first night of sleep, but quickly learned that a few more layers and covering my entire face would do the trick. The second morning I woke up toasty and happy.

The weekend was amazing because it was filled with friends, family, exercise, trying new things, and finding optimism. 

On Friday we met up with the boyf’s friends from Duluth at Fitger’s Brewhouse, one of my favorite establishments.

We also met up with the brother-in-law’s brother at the Brewhouse.
The other days we met up with the boyf’s brother, whom we don’t get to see very often.
Plus, the whole weekend was with sister and brother-in-law too.

On Saturday we went for a 7-mile hike that was easy in some parts and a little bit scary in others, with heart-pumping hill climbs. The scenes and sights were beautiful though.
On Sunday we went for a 2.5-mile kayak excursion in tandem kayaks. It was really fun and the view from the lake was much different than the view from the forest. It was nice to get to see both. (Kayaking is more work than it appears to be!)

Trying new things:
I’ve never kayaked before and although it has always sounded fun to me, it has also sounded a bit scary. Being that close to the water, in a very cold, big, deep lake, freaked me out a bit.

Finding optimism:
7 miles can be grueling after a few hours of hiking up and down on raised roots and rocks and steep hills. Having new hiking shoes also intensifies the foot pain associated with a long hike, so I had to think happy thoughts and remind myself that there are a lot of people who aren’t physically able to hike like this. So I was lucky.

{Fall Colors}

{So addicted to cribbage}

{I was searching for Candy Mountain, but this will do}

{Odd growths}

{A cute little fisher; unless you can better identify it}

{Flowers at Lutsen Resort}

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