Thursday, September 1, 2011

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

This is a motto that I seriously need to incorporate into my lifestyle. I have a strong overbuying tendency - I never want to be caught off-guard without something I need. As soon as I feel the mascara tube getting lighter, I buy a new one. As my perfume wanes, it’s time to stock up. Can’t find any socks because the sock monster ate exactly ½ of each pair? Buy new ones!

The problem with this way of living is:
  • I overspend.
  • I end up with expired items or things I never get to using because I have too much of it.
  • I create more waste that will eventually be stuck in a landfill.
  • I overspend.

Something that further troubles me is the creation of deals through sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, Crowd Cut, Daily Deals, etc. I am not really “saving” anything, but who can turn down a deal? I am going to make a commitment to reduce waste and as Gretchen Rubin puts it, “spend out.” So here is my list of stuff to use up before I can procure any more of it. Perhaps by making it public, I can feel a little ridiculous for having all of these certificates in queue, and motivate myself to spend them.

  • Dry cleaning certificates (yes, two)
  • Certificate to Scusi restaurant
  • Certificate for in-home dog training
  • 5 sessions at Heat Yoga
  • 23 sessions at Core Power Yoga (twenty-three! Gah!)
  • Certificate to Spalon Montage
  • Certificate to Jordan A Salon
  • Certificate for DSW
  • Certificate to Knockout Bodies
  • Unused monthly sessions at Massage Envy
  • Unused gym membership at Lifetime Fitness (in my defense, it’s too beautiful out to be cooped up in a gym)

So my version might not entail hundred-dolla bills.

I think that’s it. Some of them were gifts that I’ve had for over a year. Lucky for me, those gift certificates can’t expire. It’s my goal to spend out and use these things up so I’m not throwing money in a black hole. Then, I’ll try to ignore some of the emails I get and decide that I really do not need to spend $20 on $40 worth at a store I’ve never heard of and might not like.

Are you a certificate hoarder?

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  1. While not a certificate hoarder, I'm on a self-imposed shopping moratorium. Let's keep eachother on track!


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